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What Is Monkeynastix?

Internationally recognized as an Absolutely UNIQUE Movement Education Programme for children ages 2 to 8.

A highly successful International Franchise with more than 75 branches in -, U.K., Ireland , U.S.A Canada, , South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe Greece, Cyprus India, Kenya, Mauritius, Turkey, U.A.E, Bahrain, and others.

The programme is FUN, non-competitive, builds self-confidence and a positive self-image and focus on long-term motivation for a HEALTHY & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.

Our Philosophy

To teach your child Monkeynastix in a fun, safe environment and raise his/her level of self-confidence. This is a circular goal with no beginning and no end, but one which continually feeds on the nourishment of opportunity to move.

Our Mission

We provide parents, teachers, schools and communities in various parts of the world with a unique service and products that enrich, support and celebrate childhood through Movement education.

Our Vision

We are inspired by children across the world and our dream is to see every child fit, coordinated, confident and healthy. We want to share this dream and spread it to others. Our vision is to remain the leader in the respected children’s fitness industry.

Our Goals

The Monkeynastix programme focuses on long term motivation towards healthy living.

We develop confidence and and a positive self image.

We develop general motor imitation skills, general fitness, strength speed and agility, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.



Babies and young children learn from the inside out. Their core muscle strength is vital to healthy overall development and for laying strong foundations for higher order learning.







Would you like to run your own

We are looking for
Franchise Owners and Instructors
across Northern Ireland

If you are fun, highly motivated, enthusiastic,LOVE working with children
and want flexible working hours
we want to hear from you.


Monkeynastix training will be provided
You will need your own car.


If you are interested in running your own business or instructing for us then please send CV or relevant information to

EYNASTIX and/or BABYNASTIX business?


Monkeynastix NI


Babynastix NI




Due to the recent interest in both Monkeynastix and Babynastix,

we are hosting a Presentation and Information session on the opportunities available in both programmes on:-


Saturday 10th march 2pm-4pm


117 Millford
Rd BT8 7XP

To register your place please email confirming the names of all attendees.

We cant wait to meet you and share this wonderful opportunity.


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